HDPE Piping System

Safe,long lasting and cost effective solution for potable water supply, sewer, drainage, irrigation and bore well application.

Features & Benefits
  • Leak proof joints
  • 100 years life
  • Lightweight and flexibility
  • Increased resistance to rapid crack propagation
  • Light Weight And High Tensile Strength
  • Excellent Flexiblity & Strength
  • Deterioration And Chemical Resistance
  • Weather Resistant
  • Hot Water Temperature Tolerance
  • Uv Resistance
  • Easy Installation
  • Non Toxic

Pipes and fitting range from


16 TO 500 MM

Pressure Class

PN 2 to PN 20


PE63 | PE80 | PE100


IS 4984, | IS 14333, | ISO 4427

Compressor fitting

Brass Elbow

Brass MTA

Brass FTA

Brass Mt Elbow

90 Elbow


Plain Ft Elbow

Composite Pipe Elbow

Plain Mta


Plain Tee

Plain Fta

Flow Control Valve


Brass Heavy Service Saddle

Integrated Schedule.

Fabricated Fitting.

Material– PE- 100.

Size– 63 mm. upto 630 MM as per availability

Joint: Butt Fusion Joint Which Is Most Commonly Used In Joining Of Pipes. Butt Fusion Welding Is Thermo Fusion Process. In This Process End Of 2 Components Are Heated Simultaneously till They Attain the Melt State. Which Will Produce. Permanent, Economical and Efficient Connection Between 2 Components.

Butt Fusion Fabricated Fitting Y TEE.

Butt Fusion Fabricated Fitting Cross Tee.

Butt Fusion Fabricated Fitting Reducing Tee

Butt Fusion Fabricated Fittings Tee

Butt Fusion Fabricated Fitting 45 Elbow

Butt Fusion Fabricated Fitting 90 Elbow.